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Guangzhou jia neng (pioneer) automation equipment co., ltd. was established in 1992, is a development, design, development and robot application as one of the non-standard equipment production of high-tech enterprises, close to China 2025 intelligent system manufacturing strategic planning.The production base is located in guangzhou baiyun district zhong luo tan guang cong fourth road no. 73, covers an area of 4600 square meters, the company has a strong technical force, professional development, design team and production team: design and development of more than 40 manufacturing engineers, production technicians more than 100 people.At present, it has more than 10 invention patents and more than 30 utility model patents.

Business philosophy: with technology innovation as the leading role and intelligent manufacturing as the goal, the company is committed to providing complete automation equipment solutions for Chinese manufacturing enterprises and realizing the design and research and development of intelligent manufacturing application system for robot applications.

Our products and technology are in the leading level in the same industry in China, and we have established good cooperative relations with many large Chinese and foreign enterprises (such as panasonic, guangri elevator, Hitachi elevator, welling electric machinery, midea group, leck electric, gree electric appliances, huade group, etc.).

Main products:
1. Automatic assembly and production line with robot braking, such as the automatic assembly line of elevator tractor;New energy motor automatic assembly line;Elevator traction machine rotor automatic adhesive magnetic steel production line;Elevator door motor assembly line;All kinds of household appliances automatic assembly line, rotor automatic production line;Motor automatic assembly line.
2. AC motor production equipment, such as corrugated winding machine, slot paper machine, wire insertion machine, stator binding machine, stator shaping machine, etc.;
3, industrial automation testing equipment, such as automatic test line, automatic engine factory inspection detection system, rotor/stator/armature comprehensive test instrument, squirrel cage/cast aluminum rotor test system, vacuum cleaner and cleaner electric fan type test, ac/dc motor type test bench, dynamometer and controlling system, servo motor test bed, etc.

In 2011, the company applied for invention patents and utility model patents for a number of products.
In November 2012, the company won the honor of high-tech enterprise;
In 2013, the company applied for utility model patents for a number of products.
In May 2015, the "automatic wire binding machine based on independent transmission system and program control stator coil" project was awarded the science and technology progress award by guangzhou municipal people's government.
In March 2016, the company successfully entered a robot cultivation enterprise in guangdong province.

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ALB-III turntable binding machine

ALB-III turntable binding machine

ALB-III turntable binding machine

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ALB-III turntable binding machine

ALB-III turntable binding machine

ALB-III turntable binding machine

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